While Austin shelters in place during the COVID-19 crisis, Mutchler finds new appreciation for his job at a local grocery store.

By Cecily Sailer and Jim Tuttle

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Mutual aid organizations are forming across the country to fill in the gaps for their communities affected by COVID-19

by Kelly West

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Groups addressing food insecurity are scrambling to stock clients’ pantries with food during a sudden pandemic.

by the Stories Team

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One small Austin food pantry is on a mighty mission to end food insecurity and waste.

By Kelly West and Katie Friel

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At Dig Deep Farms in Ashland, California, formerly incarcerated people like Philip Bonds and Kimberly Thomas are welcomed to learn, work and contribute to their community through paid reentry internships aimed at reducing recidivism.

By Martin do Nascimento and Katie Friel

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On a 3.5 acre farm in East Austin, Urban Roots serves teens and young adults through paid internships that focus not just on farming, but also on their growth as leaders and good citizens.

By Kelly West and Omar L. Gallaga

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The Mercy Brown Bag Program in Alameda County, California has been providing meals for seniors for more than three decades, and now it has a new way to do it: a special delivery truck.

By Martin do Nascimento and Omar L. Gallaga


At Ivy Tech Community College, a network of more than 40 campuses in Indiana, a pillar of their strategic plan is to ensure the basic needs of students are met.

By Kelly West and Jodi Gonzalez

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